dadcamp international

A movement has begun.....the global footprint of DADCAMP has been set into motion. In 2015, DADCAMP launched it's first international event in the country of Haiti and it was a HUGE success.  In 2016, 2 sites in Haiti were established and we sent a team to Paris, France!.  In 2017, DADCAMP served in Honduras, Guatemala, and 3 locations in Haiti.  Teams are needed to execute DADCAMP events in these countries so that our mission of building strong fathers can literally change the world.  Check out our upcoming DADCAMP trips and consider joining us!


Northern ireland - 2018

Trip Status: June 24 - July 2.  Trip Filled

Purpose of Trip: Spending the week promoting DADCAMP and Fight Club and concluding the week with 2 single day DADCAMP experiences.

HAITI - 2018

Trip Status: Working on dates

Cost $TBD per person (includes air, accommodations, food, project costs, tour day)  Not included in cost: passport fees, spending $, shots/immunizations/medications needed.

Purpose of trip: TBD

France / Monaco / italy - 2018 (DATES TBA)

Trip Status: Working on Dates

Purpose of trip:  Connect with partners in these 3 countries and execute DADCAMP.


Trip Status: Trip Filled

Purpose of trip: Connect with partners in 3-4 locations and execute DADCAMP

Honduras - Mar. 3-10 2018

Trip Status: 1-2 Spots open (email for info)

Purpose of trip: Connect with El Sembrador School and a new partner to execute 4 DADCAMP experiences.

canada - 2019

Trip Status: Working on dates

Purpose of trip: Execute a DADCAMP weekend experienc at a camp in British Columbia

dominican republic - january 2019

Trip Status: Working on dates

Purpose of trip: Connect with partners and do 2-3 Single Day DADCAMPs with a possible baseball emphasis.

Join the movement.

Everything changes when a father is strong.  Nothing has the power to change the world like a strong father.  It's the mission DADCAMP has given it's life to.