DADCamp Indiana

DADCAMP High School (coed event)
Studies show that most parents start pulling back from their kids in their teenage years, but studies also show that this is the time when our kids need us most!  DADCAMP HS is all about creating a ton of fun and some space for Dads to engage with their teens during this challenging season of life.

DADCAMP MS (coed event) 
It's during the middle school years that many parents begin to wonder if their kids are from the same planet as them.  DADCAMP Middle School is a crazy fun experience for Dads and their kids to discover who they really are.  It's awesome.  There are 2 DADCAMP Middle School events to choose from.  This is a coed event but if bringing more than 1 child they must be the same gender.

DADCAMP Father/Daughter (K-5th grade) & Father/Son (K-5th grade)  
This is where it all began. An experience with your elementary child that you will never forget.  There are 3 Father/Daughter and 3 Father/Son events to choose from. 

DADCAMP Old School
It's never too late for a Dad to invest into his children.  Old School is an adult Father/Son event designed for grown men to spend some quality time hanging out and to discuss topics like manhood and fatherhood together.  It's a can't miss.

dadcamp indiana is located at oakbrook valley

Oakbrook Valley is an incredible 60 acre facility nestled along the Wildcat Creek just outside of Kokomo, IN.  Click the button below to learn more about Oakbrook Valley.

Oakbrook Valley
533 S 950 W