The "Father Factor"

43% of children in the U.S. are living without their father.  Studies have proven that the "Father Factor" is the main link to almost EVERY societal ill: divorce, drug/alcohol abuse, crime, poverty, lack of education, STD's, eating disorders, behavioral disorders, teenage pregnancy, rape, suicide, and much more.  

If it were classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic worthy of a national emergency.  

But there is good news....the statistics all but disappear when a father is strong.

A New Story  

We want to change this narrative.  We believe that when a father is strong, his family is strong.  And when families are strong, communities are strong.  And when communities are strong, nations are strong.  After 10 years, DADCamp believes it has found an effective way to reach a man's heart - through his kids.  

And it's working. 


The movement began with a single Father/Son event


The addition of a Father/Daughter event


DADCAMP's mission statement was born and by our third season more than 50% of attendance was not connected to Oakbrook Church (founding church).


The addition of DADCAMP Middle School


Oakbrook Valley, the home of DADCAMP, sees the addition of 5 new cabins and new bath/shower house due to the rapid growth of DADCAMP


Addition of DADCAMP High School & multiple K-5th grade events.  1st Global DADCAMP Haiti trip with the dream of planting DADCAMP in Haiti.


Celebrated our 10th year of DADCAMP with a record 10 DADCAMP events!  75% of attendance not connected to founding church and DADCAMP International was born with a site in Haiti.


2nd site planted in Haiti, DADCAMP France is planted and DADCAMP is incorporated and sets its sights on becoming a 501c3 organization.


Plans to plant DADCAMP in Guatemala, Honduras, & Canada underway.   Goal of reaching 1000+ Dads/kids per year at our Indiana location with plans to develop Oakbrook Valley, the home of DADCAMP, even further including zip lines, water based recreation, covered outdoor pavillions, and a new activity center.

Nothing changes the world like a strong father. 

Join the movement!